Before You Buy A Home

Things To Consider Before Buying A Home and Obtaining a Real Estate Loan

What Type of Home Do You Need or Want?
Before looking for homes you should consider the type of home you want. There are many options including condominiums, townhomes, single family, duplexes and more. Do you prefer a ranch or two-story home? How much space do you need? Careful consideration of these questions will allow you to find a home quickly and easily.

Where Do You Want To Live?
Choosing a location for your home is one of the largest factors in the home purchase process. Think about how close you want to live to work, school, family, friends, hospitals, shopping, entertainment, public transportation and other community amenities? Choosing your home location starts with picking a neighborhood or multiple neighborhoods that meet your requirements. Location can be a major factor affecting the price of homes. It may be helfpul to expand your search to additional neighboring communities if you find it is difficult to locate a home within your budget and preferred location. Some buyers find it helpful to review a map online in order to find the best neighborhoods for their needs.

How Long Will You Live In The Home?
If you plan to live in the home for a long-term period of over five (5) years you should take plenty of time to find the ideal home for your needs. Your search should consider school quality, resale values and overall size to accommodate future growth of your family. If you plan to live in the home for less than five (5) years you may want to consider a variety of properties that meet your immediate term goals without focusing on long term considerations like schools or other community amenities. This may give you additional home choices that fall within your budget.

Are There Things You Don’t Like About Your Current Home?
Taking time to review things in your current home that you dislike can help you identify important requirements for your next home purchase. You will save valuable time in your home search if you can focus on homes that offer the majority of features you desire. Remember your home purchase will require a real estate loan which is a long term obligation. Finding a home that offers the features you desire is the best way to remain happy with your home purchase decision for years to come.

What Kind Of Lifestyle Do You Have?
Maybe you work from home….if so a home office or other work space may be important. Perhaps you entertain frequently: having a dining room or other entertainment area could be valuable. Do you like a big yard or maybe a large garage? These are all factors that should be considered as part of your home purchase and home selection process.

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